360 VFX Soundstage

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 Mujje

Here’s a 360 shot that I nabbed right before a fun vfx shoot with green screen for a music video. The calm before the storm!

VFX by: Pixelmutt aka Reynier Molenaar

Jennifer Lopez – The Collective

Reel | Music Videos JLo

Metallica – Amped for IMAX

Reel | Commercials, Music Videos, Narrative, VFX Metallica

HOTEL EDEN – Laundromat (Award Winning Music Video)

Reel | Music Videos, Narrative Laundromat

NUVOtv – I Am Nuvo

Reel | Commercials, Music Videos I Am NUVO

NUVOtv – I Am Nuvo (Bumpers)

Friday, October 7th, 2016 I Am NUVO

10-spot campaign directed by Reynier Molenaar for Jennifer Lopez’s new Latin-American network, NUVOtv.

Directed by: Reynier Molenaar

Client: NUVOtv (FUSE)
Executive Producer: Raffael Oller
Production Company: Pixelmutt
Director: Reynier Molenaar

Director of Photography: Spencer Goodall
Associate Producer: John Charter

Cast Includes:
Jose Brooks
Annalisa Guidone
Alexandria Siegel

PUMA – Scratch

Reel | Commercials, Music Videos, Narrative, VFX Puma Scratch

ADIDAS – Live Free

Reel | Commercials, Music Videos Adidas Live Free

MTV2 – Skater

Reel | Commercials, Music Videos MTV Skater